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What lies beyond Discover Montessori's classrooms? Are there Montessori high schools and colleges? If you relocate is there an equivalent Montessori school in the area able to enrol your children? And if for any number of reasons your children are to attend public school, is that problematic regarding different methodology and material learned?

Take comfort knowing that we are not a one-hit-wonder. Following the administrative and philosophical path laid out by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) we fit into an expanding network of Montessori schools and colleges across Canada, the USA and around the world. AMI's alumni Montessori Society of Canada is based in North Vancouver, and Canada has incorporated Montessori schools into the public system since the '60's. Montessori is 'out there' and what your children learn with us, will serve them well at any AMI school.

A transition to public school may present a few personal and system challenges however, indications are that socially and academically Montessori-schooled children fair markedly well everywhere they go.



With change being one of life's great constants, take comfort knowing not only are we here to help you chart the course, but our students are better equipped than many to face a new challenge
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