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A common misconception fuelled by persistent stereotypes is that all private schools are havens for establishment thinking and elitist doctrines moulding students of social standing cut only from the finest cloth!


We are not your parent’s private school!


Discover Montessori School (DMS) shares only three things in common with the stereotype:


1: We want our children to be successful

2. We extoll the virtues of grace and courtesy

3: We simply can't do what we do ‘free of charge’


We do not sport a school uniform. We see every child as an individual, unique and capable of exploring and excelling in so much more than cookie-cutter academics and social doctrines.


Our mandate is to open children's eyes and facilitate their choices; to promote self expression and self restraint; and to foster understanding, unity, co-operation, courtesy and empathy in all they see and embrace.

To better realize how down to earth DMS really is, we encourage you to talk with current and former students and parents. And of course you can reach current teachers and staff by calling 250.760.0615.

Although we appreciate the benefits of a healthy competitive spirit, we place greater value in fostering cooperative, inquisitive natures able to help each other see the forest for the trees
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