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Compared to public schooling arguably any tuition fee would seem expensive and admittedly, Discover Montessori School is not cheap by most measures. However, we genuinely believe that long term benefits to the children far outweigh short term costs.


In a perfect world a Montessori education would be the public model and free to all. Until then the Ministry of Education recognizes the benefits of 'alternative' schooling and subsidizes tuition fees. In most cases full-time schooling is a yearly investment of less than $8,000.00. Families may qualify for other government cost-offsetting initiatives.


Although student supplies and some activities carry their own fees, tuition includes many resources, curricular and extracurricular activities that public school does not provide free of charge, and often not at all. We ask you to consider all we offer beyond the standard BC curriculum when reconciling costs. Consider foremost exactly how important your child's potential is to you. We'll suggest you feel as we do — it is paramount that our children understand and master the challenges they'll face through decades to come. We attain that goal in ways public education can not, and from Montessori classrooms grow children that shape those decades, not just face them. By that measure we're not really expensive at all!

For more information regarding tuition fees please call the office at 250.760.0615.

Expensive is relative. How much would you pay for an experience your child can't get anywhere else at any price?
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