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Discover Montessori School is a chiefly English-speaking non-denominational learning centre. However, over the years our students have benefitted greatly from a more casual infusion of French and Spanish language through the mother tongues of many of our staff, who have woven such into both an understanding of the terms for common classroom items and activities, to more conversational exercises through traditional greetings and graces.

Although we recognize provincial and national holidays that may bare a religious root, we do not actively encourage religious expression on campus that interferes with our common educational goals. That said, the very foundation of the Montessori learning model is squarely grounded in upholding principles that would lie at the core of most great religions. In all we do we promote values, ethics and strategies that build better characters, better classmates, and ultimately better stewards of the Earth.

To learn how we might accommodate your unique language or religious concerns, please call the office at 250.760.0615.

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