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Discover Montessori School is the longest running Montessori program in Nanaimo, and noted for its adherence to the core principles, philosophy and methodology of the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI). AMI was founded by Dr. Maria Montessori to further her life's work and maintain the integrity of the delivery of an authentic Montessori program.


Across two campuses (Nanaimo and Parksville) three programs meet the cognitive, social, emotional, physical and (non-religious) spiritual needs of students aged 3–15, through Primary, Elementary and Middle programs. Enrolment in either program is a 3-year commitment. Previous Montessori Primary experience is preferred for enrolment in Elementary and Middle School, yet students without may be admitted each year, space permitting.


Parksville’s Primary (pre-school) program is regulated and licensed by the Vancouver Island Health Authority and not funded by the Ministry of Education. Licensed and funded Primary, Elementary and Middle programs are available at our Nanaimo campus.

Program components:

Built upon scientific study of childhood development during the early 1900’s, Dr. Montessori built an education model that addressed each child's developmental milestones at their unique moment of readiness. Similarly our teachers are developmental facilitators trained to guide and support; to stand back and observe the student's habits and curiosity; and to present well-timed ‘next steps in learning’ enabling confidence and continued success.


Key components of Montessori education:

  • Free-flowing, activity-based, co-operative classrooms
  • Multi-age group settings: 3–6 yrs., 6–12 yrs., 12–15 yrs.
  • Self-paced, individualized curriculum featuring progressive and experiential learning
  • Uninterrupted 3-hour learning periods
  • Holistic approach to academic, social, emotional, physical and (non-religious) spiritual growth
  • Certified Montessori teachers trained at recognized AMI centres



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