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All-Day: 8:30–3pm, Mon.–Fri.

Ages 6–12 yrs.



Building upon the Primary methodology, students move through assignments and groups taking responsibility for their learning. Via small groups of various ages and regular one-on-one’s with teachers, students fulfill Min. of Ed. standards while exploring their personal interests through materials that offer concepts and concrete experiences. Students may also choose areas of interest for additional in-depth study.


The program focuses on the interdependence in all areas including language, mathematics, geometry, history, science, art, music, drama and physical education. Classrooms allows students to gain a strong sense of oneself, an awareness of one’s peers, and how they too may be contributing members of society.


Please book an ‘Observation’ to see Montessori in motion.

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In ways that may surprise you Montessori methodology finds the spark in every student encouraging curiosity and exploration on an elementary scale
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