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All-Day: 8:30am–5pm, Mon.–Fri.

Ages 12–15 yrs.



Essential priorities involve enhancing the child’s ability to:

•    Find one’s place in society

•    Understand connections between ‘finding one’s place’ and the nobility of all types of work

•    Experience and learn the lessons of living in community

•    Believe in dignity and see both hope in world affairs and progression of the human spirit.


The Montessori Curriculum at all levels far exceeds the BC Min. of Ed. expectations, ensuring academic readiness for high school and beyond.

•    Learning and research

•    Critical thinking and problem solving

•    Business and entrepreneurial exercises

•    Communication and collaboration

•    Media and technology

•    Literacy

•    Leadership and career skills (Internships)


Core Subjects and Interdisciplinary Themes:

•    Mathematics

•    Economics

•    Science

•    Language (Reading, Writing, Grammar)

•    Arts (Music, Drama, Fine Arts)

•    Foreign Language 

•    Geography, Humanities and History

•    Government and Civics (MMUN)

•    Woodworking and Cooking

•    Global Awareness

•    Financial, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy


Each year’s acceptance is dependant on the Odyssey – an important chance for students to both find their place and bond with their peers, and to establish healthy roles away from family. Normally a week long adventure for students and teachers only. 


Please book an ‘Observation’ to see Montessori in motion.

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Students step up their game through our more focused and demanding Middle Program. Fortunately students have been groomed through Elementary years to not just master but embrace challenges
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