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Morning: 8:30am–Noon, Mon.–Fri.

All-Day: 8:30am–5pm, Mon.–Fri.

Ages 3–6 yrs.



Each child develops their own interests and abilities in classrooms featuring abundant authentic Montessori materials that appeal to a child’s love of order and natural curiosity. Activities strengthen fine motor control, lengthening concentration and honing senses. Children practice and refine skills, and cultivate good work habits at their pace, while being guided through various lessons.


Classrooms of mixed ages afford younger children to learn from older children, allowing older children in turn to reinforce their own learning and leadership. Children both socialize and collaborate, and can work independently. 


Please book an ‘Observation’ to see Montessori in motion.

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Chances are very good she'll be disappointed you came to pick her up!
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