Beyond Montessori?

Parents often ask: what happens after Montessori School? 


When a student completes the Casa program after Kindergarten, they can move into grade 1 into French Immersion or local public school (if they don't choose to stay for our Elementary program).  Feedback from parents is very positive. Our students have a solid academic foundation, but almost more importantly, they have a strong grounding in grace and courtesy, problem solving, conflict resolution, and ciritial thinking and adapt to the new system quickly. 


Most parents these days do choose to stay with us for the Montessori Elementary and Middle School programs.  They see the incredible growth in their Montessori child, and they also notice how incredible our older students are.  The see the students grow into confident and kind teenagers. 


Our programs are large enough to provide lots of social opportunities and small enough for each student to be someone and not get lost in the crowd. 


Some families do choose to exit the Elementary program after grade 3 or 6. The feedback we receive is that it takes the student about 3 weeks to make new friends.  Of course, acaemically and socially our students are strong, so the biggest adjustment is to the new school culture.  


Where do students go for grade 10?


A great fit for our students is the High School at VIU. This is a small university-based, International High School that is situated right on the campus of Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo.  Many of our students transfer there for its international focus, exceptional faculty, access to university courses, and well rounded program. They are in process to become an IB world school.


There are of course, so many other options for students in the mid-island region, in both the public and independent systems. We work together with each family to help find the right place for their child's next important step in education.

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