Beyond Montessori?  

Parents often ask us what happens after Montessori? 


If a student completes the Primary Program, and move on at the age of 6 into a grade 1 equivalent program, we have found that the feedback is overwhelmingly positive. 


Our students have a solid academic foundation, but almost more importantly, they have a strong foundation in grace and courtesy, problem siolving, conflict resolution, and ciritial thinking skills.  


More parents are choosing to stay with us for the Montessori Elementary and Middle School programs becuase they have seen incredible growth in their student, and see the older studdents around the school blossoming into confident young people. 


Our programs are large enough to provide lots of social opportunities, and small enough for each student to be someone! 


What happens at the end of Middle School?  Where do students go for grade 10-12?


Our Middle Schoolers have successfully moved on to prep schools, public schools, and Independent schools. We have found that our focus on experiential learning and global studies might provide a great foundation for students to move up to the High School at VIU, a university based International High School on the campus of Vancouver Island University. There are many options in the mid-island region, and we work with each family to find the right place for the next important step


With change being one of life's great constants, take comfort knowing not only are we here to help you chart the course, but our students are better equipped than many to face a new challenge
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