Is Montessori education expensive?

Compared to traditional schooling, arguably any tuition fee would seem expensive. Discover Montessori School is not cheap by most measures, however we are a non-profit school intent on keeping our fees as low as possible, in line with other local programs.


We genuinely believe that long term benefits to the children far outweigh short term costs, and that a solid foundation will provide students the best start along their educational journey.


In a perfect world a Montessori education would be free to all. Until then, the Ministry of Education recognizes the benefits of 'Independent schooling and subsidizes tuition fees by half.  The other half is made up in the form of tuition.


In most cases the typical monthly investment is between $450 and $800 per month. Families may qualify for other government cost-offsetting initiatives at the Primary Level, and we encourage you to learn more about the Affordable Child Care Benefit.  Discover Montessori School is also accepted in the BC Child Care Feed Reduction Initiative. Please contact the school for a current fee schedule.


At the Elementary and Middle School levels, student supplies and some activities carry their own fees. Tuition includes many resources, curricular and extracurricular activities, that traditional school does not provide free of charge, and often not at all. We ask you to consider all we offer beyond the standard BC curriculum when reconciling costs.


Consider foremost exactly how important your child's potential is to you. We'll suggest you feel as we do — it is paramount that our children understand and master skills in order to face the challenges encounter through decades to come. Montessori Education is a commitment that will provide students with a firm footing to excel in the future. By that measure we're not really expensive at all!

For more information regarding tuition fees please call the office at 250.760.0615.

Expensive is relative. How much would you pay for an experience your child can't get anywhere else at any price?



“We then become witnesses to the development of the human soul; the emergence of the New Man, who will no longer be the victim of events but, thanks to his clarity of vision, will become able to direct and to mould the future of mankind.”

Dr. Maria Montessori | The Absorbent Mind, p. 8

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