The Middle School Program


The Middle School Program is a unique program for teens 13-15 years old and encompasses grades 7-9 working together in the same classroom. It is a three-year program and is regulated by the Ministry of Education under the Independent Schools Act and meets, often exceeds, the expectations of the BC curriculum. It is academically and socially challenging and satisfying for students who are creating their sense of self during this important stage of their development.


Note: Entry into this program usually requires the completion of a Montessori elementary program at this time. However, for a limited time we will be opening 2 spots to new grade 7 students. Contact the office to learn more!


In the Middle School program we focus on the academic, social, physical, and non-religious spiritual development of each student in a self-paced colaborative environment.  It is designed to empower students by providing choices, opportunities for connection, and meaningful work to round out their studies.  


Students may work on a farm, run a business, read to younger students, create art, write plays, see geology in action, conduct citizen science, travel, research, present and design their ideas and questions.  Providing a rich environment to learn - both inside and outside of the classroom - connects their academic and social learning to the real world in ways that are uniquely meaningful and important to each student and their understanding of the subject matter.  


Each year students begin by completing the Odyssey – a week long wilderness experience with only their teachers, guides, and peers. This is an important chance for students to find their place in the school, bond with their peers, and to establish healthy roles away from family. 


What happens after Montessori Middle School? 

Our students have gone on to attend and thrive in both public and private schools after completing greade 9 at DMS.  We have found that a great choice for our students is The High School at VUI - a small independent international high school located on the campus of Vancouver Island University.


We offer a Macbook environment for students

Odyssey: hiking, canoeing, sea kayaking adventure!

"Independence, in the case of the adolescents, has to be acquired on a different plane, for theirs is the economic independence in the field of society. Here, too, the principle of "Help me to do it alone!" ought to be applied."


Dr. Maria Montessori, (From Childhood to Adolescence, p. 67)

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