The Middle School Program

The Middle School Program is a unique and inspiring program for teens aged 13-15 years old. 


Note: entry in the Middle School program requires the completion on an AMI Montessori Elementary Program.


The Middle School program focuses on the academic, social and physical development of each student in a way that enables each student to experience and apply their learning. 


Our students may work on a farm, mend fences, run businesses, problem solve, read to younger students, learn French, create art, write plays, and work together to find their place in the world.  We fulful the BC curriculum and more, and deliver it in a way that empowers and engages our students.


Essential themes and priorities for the program include:


•    Find one’s place in society

•    Understand the connections between ‘finding one’s place’ and the nobility of all types of work (career planning)

•    Experience and learn the lessons of living in community

•    Believe in dignity, and see hope in world affairs


Core Subjects and Interdisciplinary Themes:


•    Mathematics

•    Economics

•    Science

•    Language (Reading, Writing, Grammar)

•    Arts (Music, Drama, Fine Arts)

•    Foreign Language 

•    Geography, Humanities and History

•    Government and Civics (MMUN)

•    Woodworking and Cooking

•    Global Awareness

•    Financial, Business and Entrepreneurial Literacy

•    Critical thinking, research and problem solving

•    Business and entrepreneurial exercises

•    Communication and collaboration

•    Media and technology

•    Literacy

•    Leadership and career skills (Internships)


Each year’s acceptance is dependant on the Odyssey – an important chance for students to both find their place and bond with their peers, and to establish healthy roles away from family. Normally a week long adventure for students and teachers only.


To learn more, please call  250.760.0615

"Independence, in the case of the adolescents, has to be acquired on a different plane, for theirs is the economic independence in the field of society. Here, too, the principle of "Help me to do it alone!" ought to be applied."


Dr. Maria Montessori, (From Childhood to Adolescence, p. 67)

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