Discover Montessori School
Discover Montessori School
3460 Jingle Pot Road, Nanaimo, BC
3460 Jingle Pot Road, Nanaimo, BC

Montessori Philosophy

Dr. Maria Montessori at work Dr. Maria Montessori at work

Dr. Maria Montessori transformed our understanding of both childhood development, and how education can provide important life skills.


Montessori schools nurture a child’s potential with unique methods and materials, teaching via hands-on experiences, discovery, and purposeful activity that considers each child's individual learning curve.


Montessori observes the child’s natural curiosity and provides self-correcting learning materials, allowing exploration of changing interests under careful direction of an early childhood educator. 


Students embrace key concepts at their own pace, building language, sensorial knowledge, mathematical skills, practical life skills and a cultural understanding of the world. Beautiful classrooms inspire students and incorporate current events and advancements in a cultural context.


Our goal is to help children realize their unique potential, to develop confidence born from independence, and appreciation for the holistic nature and benefits of interdependence. Students concentrate and observe with all their senses, form good work habits, and strong relationships founded in mutual respect for peers, the Earth, and all living things.


Central to our philosophy is self-esteem. Every student is a respected community member and gains satisfaction in their physical, social, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual development.


Students take responsibility for their learning, helping prepare them for the challenges of a complex world. There is a classroom balance between freedom, order and responsibility, which nurtures spontaneous curiosity, develops self-discipline, motivation and a sense of purpose.


The Montessori method is an extensive departure from traditional education and we encourage parents to learn more. The choices you make now for your child will shape their future.  It is never too early to start thinking about your child's education!


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