The Middle School 


The Middle School Program is a 3-year program encompassing the equivalent of grades 7-9. 


Entry to the program is at grade 7. Given the multi-year nature of the program, we do not accept students into grade 8 or 9 without direct experience from a Montessori Elementary or Montessori Middle School program.


Middle School is academically and socially satisfying, and challenging, for students.  At this stage in their development students are actively creating and finding their own sense of self and purpose in the world.


We focus on the academic, social, physical, and non-religious spiritual development of each student in a self-paced and colaborative environment.  We empower students by providing choices, opportunities for connection, and meaningful real work to round out their studies.  


Providing a rich environment to learn, both inside and outside of the classroom, is very important.  Experience connects academic and social learning in the real world and provides transferrable skills and confidence. In addition to their regular academic inquiry, students may work on a farm, run a business, read to younger students, create art, write plays, see geology in action, conduct citizen-science, travel, research, present, and explore their ideas.


Each year students begin by completing a group Odyssey. This is a week long wilderness experience with their teachers, expedition guides, and peers. Students bond and establish healthy roles away from home, and return ready to take on the challenges of an exciting year ahead.


Students aged 12-15 years old work together in the same classroom under the guidance of their lead teacher and a classroom assistant. The program is regulated by the Ministry of Education meeting , often exceeding, the BC curriculum and the AMI Montessori Adolescent program requirements.


We offer a Macbook environment

Beyond Montessori?


We have found that with our focus on global studies and experiential learning, a great fit for our students is the High School at VIU. This is a small university-based, International High School that is situated on the campus of Vancouver Island University in Nanaimo.  Many of our students transfer there for its international focus, exceptional faculty, access to university courses, and well rounded program. 


There are many other options for students in the mid-island region as well, in both the public and independent systems. We work together with each family to help find the right place for their child's next important step in education.

"Independence in the case of the adolescents has to be acquired on a different plane, for theirs is the economic independence in the field of society. Here, too, the principle of "Help me to do it alone!" ought to be applied."

Dr. Maria Montessori, (From Childhood to Adolescence, p. 67)

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