Montessori Education offers a profoundly inspiring experience for students. Our curriculum is uniquely designed to inspire children to love learning, to be independent thinkers, and to engage in their communities, as valued and contributing members.


Our school’s impact on a child's understanding of academic and life skills is enormous. By practicing Montessori fundamentals and methodology, while adhering the BC Ministry of Education’s requirements, we offer a broad, comprehensive, and connected curriculum, at a pace unique to each child.


We encourage you to read on or to call the school to discover how much Montessori matters to our current generation of trail blazers.

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Montessori is very much a brick & mortar approach to learning, focusing on fundamentals, hands-on experience, individual interests and self-correcting learning tools that build understanding and confidence in all they do.

Industrial classrooms give way to flowing activity units and collaborative roundtables that encourage independence and interdependence, build language and practical life skills and cultural understanding.

Students take responsibility for their learning, embracing challenges and learning from mistakes. We offer a balance between freedom, order and responsibility, and we nurture curiosity, self-discipline, motivation and a sense of purpose.


An enthusiastically active Parent Group enriches the entire school experience on and off campus through year-long activities and events, reinforcing core Montessori values that encourage grace, courtesy and respect in all we do

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