Our Montessori Programs


Our Montessori programs are designed for children from age three through fifteen years old.


We adhere to core Montessori principles, philosophy and methodology as outlined by the Association Montessori Internationale (AMI).  This organization was founded by Dr. Maria Montessori to maintain the integrity and delivery of an authentic and complete Montessori program.


Our programs meet the the academic, cognitive, social, emotional, physical, and non-religious spiritual needs of students. Built upon scientific study of childhood development, Dr. Montessori designed an educational model that addressed each child's developmental milestones, at the child's precise moment of readiness to learn more.  The learning is self paced, and guided by the child's curiosity within an academic and community-based framework that connects all subjects to each other and to the Earth.


Our Primary Program is designed for students ranging in age from age 3-6. 


Our Elementary Program is designed for students ranging in age from 6-12.


Our Middle School Program supports students from age 12-15.


Our Primary Programs are offered at both Nanaimo and Parksville Campuses and are licensed through the Vancouver Island Health Authority's Child Care Licensing Regulations. 

(Nanaimo Campus licence # is KRIS-AB5S6D; Parksville Campus license # is TMGN-8FHS46)


Our Elementary and Middle School programs are available at Nanaimo Campus only.  These programs are delivered in accordance with Ministry Of Education guidelines and the Independent Schools Act in BC.


Our teachers are developmental facilitators. They are trained to guide and support students.  Teachers will often stand back and observe the student's habits and curiosity firsrt,  so as to present well-timed ‘next steps in learning’ unique to each student.  This approach enables children to find their own success, and assists them in building confidence, independance, and a strong foundational skill set.


Our multi-aged classrooms at all levels offer interaction and experiences in the environment with a wide range of levels and abilities in each classroom.  Young students can see where their learning is going, and older students can revel in the joy of assisting a younger friend. The specially designed Montessori materials, along with our unique and caring school culture, are designed to help students and their families feel comfortable, supported, and inspired every day!


Please contact us to learn more: call 250-760-0615 to arrange an observation and school tour.  Thank you.

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