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Discover Montessori School
3460 Jingle Pot Road, Nanaimo, BC
3460 Jingle Pot Road, Nanaimo, BC

Montessori Programs

Our Montessori programs are wonderful places for children to learn and explore!  


The Toddler, Casa, Elementary, and Middle School programs inspire and empower children to take responsibilty and engage deeply in their learning at all levels.


The programs are multi-year, 5-day-a-week programs, and are not one-year or drop in programs.  


The Toddler program is 1.5 years in length (currently), the Casa program is 3 years in length, the Elementary is a 6 years, and the Middle School is 3 years in length. This is done to meet the developmental needs of the students at each stage of development as outlied by Dr. Montessori.  It provides a year-over-year progressive learning environment that is consistent and connected.


Given the multi-year nature of the Montessori progams, entry into the school occurs at age 1, age 3, grade 1 and grade 7. Students transferring from other equivalent Montessori schools may join at any point, space permitting. Kindergarten is the third year of our Casa program. Elementary starts at the grade 1 equivalent, and Middle School at grade 7.


Each classroom is made up of students of various ages and abilities

This creates a unique and rich experience for children and offers opportunites to move ahead or take a little extra time if needed.  Students help one another and share their knowledge.


Learning is guided by experienced Association Montessori Internationale teachers. 

Teachers follow the child's curiosity and guide students to deepen their learning through purposeful activities and experiences. Students learn-by-doing, in hands-on and memorable ways. Our teachers have undergrad degrees, ECE, AMI Montessori training and are also BC certified teachers.


We connect all subject areas to each other and to the Earth.

We teach the interconnectedness of all things within an academic and community-based framework.


We adhere to Association Montessori Internationale (AMI) methodology. 

AMI was founded by Dr. Maria Montessori to maintain the integrity and authentic delivery of a fully-implemented Montessori program.  It provides a Guarantee of Quality knowing that our staff have completed high level Association Montessori Internationale training, not online training courses.


Most students start in the Toddler program at age 1.5 or the Casa Program at 3 to 3.5 years of age.  Children in Casa stay with us to complete their Kindergarten year.  This third year in the Casa program is a leadership year and the students take on the special role of mentors in the classroom.  * Entry at age 4 and 5 years old is only considered if transferring from an equivalent Montessori Program.  


The Elementary Program includes students ages 6-12 and is a six-year program with entry typically at grade 1. Students complete the program after grade 6. Our elementary program is delivered and monitored in accordance with Ministry of Education guidelines under the Independent Schools Act.  


The Middle School Program supports teens 12-15 years old and is a three-year program encompassing grades 7-9.  It is a rigerous, challenging, and satisfying program that enables students to know themselves and to become academically and socially ready for their next steps. Late-entry Montessori for grade 7 students without previous Montessori experience is now available.

For more in depth information about Montessori philosophy and Association Montessori Internationale program,  please visit   Montessori Northwest.

Admissions Process

1. Adult Observation

Parents/guardians are invited to spend 20 minutes observing a class-in-action followed by a Q & A with our Admin team. 


2. Child's Tour

This is a gentle introduction to school and is a chance for the teacher to make sure the child is ready for the classroom environment.


3. Paperwork & Fees

Should a space become available, the enrolment forms and fees are collected and once received, the placement is confirmed.

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